Frequently Asked Questions

Have some questions about the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform?

Q. What is JBoss EAP?
A. JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP) is the productized version of JBoss Application Server (AS).  It's the culmination of thousands of hours of QE, bug-fixes and co-ordination to make sure you can be as productive as possible building your apps. 

Q: What happened to 7.2.0.Final?
A: 7.2.0.Final was always the basis for EAP 6.1.0.Alpha. Due to the new wide-availability of 6.1.0.Alpha, and for simplicity reasons, we've released just one release called EAP 6.1.0.Alpha.

Q. Why are we doing this?
A. To make it easier for more developers to get access to the product binaries and provide feedback to the AS / EAP team earlier than the current model makes possible. There is a more complete explanation on Mark Little's blog.

Q: If EAP 6.1.0.Alpha is the same as community 7.2.0.Final, why is it called Alpha?
A: EAP has a much more conservative and rigid release hardening process, including extensive quality testing and partner certification. Historically every EAP release starts from our most recent community final, and then releases in stages as this hardening work is performed. The first EAP stage Alpha is of equivalent, or better, quality to a community Final release.

Q. Are there any restrictions on how I can use EAP 6.1.0 Alpha?
A. No – it has the same license and terms as AS releases however as it's an Alpha release we don't recommend using it in production.

Q. Will the Beta release have the same Terms and Conditions as the Alpha?
A. Betas will be available as part of a zero-dollar developer subscription.

Q. Will you also release EAP 6.1.0 CR / GA and future EAP 6.1.x point releases in the community?
A. Major (x.0) and minor (6.x) EAP releases (other than Alphas which are freely available) will be available with a paid production subscription or with a zero-dollar developer subscription.  Security updates and patches are only available with a paid subscription.

Q. How do I upgrade from a developer to a production subscription?
A. Read about getting a Red Hat subscription.

Q. What do I get with a production subscription?
A. Read about Red Hat subscriptions.

Q. Is the source available?
A. Yes – it's in the source bundles on the download page.

Q. Is there a Maven repository for this release?
A. That is our goal but it may appear some time after the initial Alpha release.

Q. Will this release work with JBoss Developer Studio?
A. JBoss Developer Studio 7 Alpha1 available from has initial support for EAP 6.1, JBoss Developer Studio 6.0.1 will be released in the near future with similar support.

Once the release enter Beta more complete support will be added to JBoss Developer Studio 7.

Q. Will this release work with JBoss ON?
A. Formal testing of EAP 6.1.0 with JBoss ON will happen when the Beta release is available.

Q. Where do I get help?
A. Developer-level support for this release is available on the EAP Developer Forum.

Q. I found a bug in this release - what do I do?
A. Ask some questions on the EAP Developer Forum to determine if it is a bug. The team will then guide you on creating a ticket at

Q. Can I run the Alpha binaries in a production environment?
A.  Yes, Alpha releases may be run in any environment.