JBoss redefined the application server back in 2002 when it broke apart the monolithic designs of the past with its modular architecture. This approach allowed us to develop the kernel and management interfaces independently from the services resulting in pluggable integration, increased performance and simpler configuration.

3.x, 4.x

JMX based kernel providing loose coupling of services and standardised management interfaces.

5.x, 6.x

JBoss Microcontainer based kernel providing POJO injection between services for fine-grained dependencies and tighter integration. Management interfaces exposed by services.


JBoss Modular Service Container based kernel providing auto-wiring of services based on dependency definitions. Domain model management interface to hide service implementation details and allow easier configuration of clusters.

Our willingness and ability to periodically redesign the kernel around the latest concepts and techniques allows us to provide a modern, lightweight application server that gives the benefits of integrated services without sacrificing simplicity, testability and performance. Coupled with an operations friendly approach to management JBoss AS gives you everything you need to build, deploy and manage Java EE applications in a flash.