The JBoss OSGi project provides the OSGi functionality in the JBoss Application Server.

The JBoss Application Server is now compliant with core OSGi specifications. This means that you can deploy OSGi Bundles in AS alongside your other AS deployments.

About JBoss OSGi

Quick Start The easiest way to get started is to simply download the latest AS 7 distribution and start deploying OSGi bundles.
Getting Involved Have a look at the Project Wiki where you can find the Road Map as well as information on the Source Code and Building the project.
Discussions Visit the User Forum the Developer Forum or #jbosgi on freenode
Issue Tracker JIRA.

OSGi Specifications:

OSGi JavaDoc:

Project documentation can be found as part of the JBoss AS 7 documentation and in the JBoss OSGi User's guide.