Your Choice, your voice. JBoss Application Server is getting a new name.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is JBoss AS being renamed?

The global communities of JBoss engineers, project contributors, customers and partners have been a driving force in moving Application Servers away from the proprietary, overweight, monolithic architectures of the past to a very flexible, dynamic, cloud-enabled, service fabric. Future releases of JBoss Application Server will continue that evolution and also adapt to the ever changing technology landscape to include support for mobile application development, non-relational data sources and new JVM-based languages and frameworks. 

We're hopeful that we can find a name that will better reflect these exciting new directions.


What is the process?

  • October 1 - 14 Naming submissions are open to the JBoss Community. Do you have some suggestions? Submit your name here.
  • Thursday, November 15 - Top names will be announced for a general election announced at Devoxx.
  • November 15 - 30 - Open Voting
  • Early 2013 - Winner Announced

How will the new name be chosen?

Members of the JBoss Community are invited to nominate names online between October 1 – 14. The top nominated names, as decided by a panel of judges made up of Red Hat employees, will be presented for voting November 15.


When will the new name be announced?

The winning name will be announced the early 2013 in Antwerp, Belgium. Subscribe to the newsletter to hear about the new name and other possible announcements.


What does it mean for me, a JBoss AS user?

Very little will change. The project will still be freely available.


What will the new site look like?

Any changes to the newly renamed JBoss AS project website will be conducted by the community.  


Will it cost me money?

No. Free downloads of the project are, and will continue to be, publicly available. 


What besides the name of the project will be updated?

Developer contact points such as IRC chat rooms, Issue Trackers, etc will be migrated over time to reflect the new name.


How Can I submit a recommended name?

 As of October 1, visit to submit your names.


How will the project be goverened?

There is no forseeable change in how the project will be governed.



What will the contribution model be?

The contribution model may evolve in the future, but it is unaffected by this change.



How is this different from the commercial offering?


The project is focused on rapid innovation where new technologies can quickly be introduced.  It is best suited for early to advanced prototyping and development.  JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 is the commercial offering.  JBoss EAP provides an integrated, tested and certified Java EE platform.  JBoss EAP includes patches, updates, SLA-based support, multiyear maintenance policies and Red Hat Open Source Assurance.  To learn more about the differences between projects and JBoss Enterprise Middleware see:


What does the term JBoss mean going forward?


Currently there's a significant amount of confusion when using the term JBoss on its own between the project known as JBoss AS, the community known as JBoss Community and the commercial offerings, JBoss Enterprise Middleware. By renaming the project we hope to make it clear that JBoss, when used on its own, refers to JBoss Enterprise Middleware.


How does this affect Maven artifacts?

Maven GAVs will be updated gradually over time and only when a new name makes sense.  An example of when a change makes sense is when a newer version of a component or API breaks backward compatibility.


Does this affect things like package names, configuration settings that has the word "jboss" in it?

Package names and configuration settings will migrate to new names only when renaming makes sense. The rename of the codebase and configuration will occur as a gradual process.


How does this affect API compatibility ?

Packages will not be renamed until they break API compatibility.


What does it mean for me, as a JBoss developer? namespace issues?

Java EE standard APIs will remain the same. As the project continues to evolve and incorporate new technologies, you as a developer will see new package names appearing for jboss-specific APIs.


How does this affect all of the projects?  Just projects with products or all projects?

The scope of the rename is limited to JBoss AS. Additional projects that contain the JBoss prefix will gradually be updated as well.


Is JBoss still going to be Open Source?

Red Hat is commited to enabling community powered innovation. JBoss will continue to be open source.


What is the new community brand?

The community brand remains JBoss Community. The scope of the rename is limited to the JBoss AS project.